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04/04/2006 - Updates to some athletics profiles. 

It is Lemar's birthday. Click here to view, and here to leave your birthday messages.


03/04/2006 - Tripod is working again so appending updates have gone up. Virtual Hogwarts worked on, and Virtual Hogwarts Proboards set up -

02/03/2006 - Updates to: Gemma Weetham

14/02/2006 - Happy Valentine's Day & birthday to Benjii

Updates: Updates to and

Updates to on-line profiles: Anna Newton

Updates to off-line profiles: Charlotte Bates




Updates to


05/01/2006 - Athletics Fantasy Fictions has closed through lack of interest. 

Get your vote in quickly to choose the new face of Athletics Biographies; for more information, go here.


01/01/2006 - Happy New Year. Sorry for lack of updates. There's going to be a bit of a wait on them I'm afraid. Give us a chance and we'll get back to you! Basically, relaunch isn't happening for a while because site isn't finished and I have no time to finish it at the moment. 

For athletics news, website updates and Ask Cookie issues, go to the forums.

This is all going to be remade when I have a chance.


19/12/2005 - Updated: Athletics Biographies, Athletics 2005, Athletics Superstars &

18/12/2005 - Ask Cookie Reformatting continued. Aiming for relaunch by New Year.

20/11/2005 - Ask Cookie Reformatting update.
  18/11/2005 - Updated: Anthemstars.
16/11/2005 - Meet our new mascot
31/10/2005 - Happy Halloween. Lurican Pictures added to Arachnid Weblink.
29/10/2005 - Forums added:
24/10/2005 - Updates to many athletes profiles.
23/10/2005 - Many athletes profiles started but not online yet. Welsh Commonwealth Games Team added. Many link etc... created, but not yet available. More details coming soon.
16/10/2005 - Sorry for the lack of updates. Look out for Helsinki World Athletics Championships updates NEXT WEEK!

Vote for Paula Radcliffe as the  Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year, and Donna Fraser and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey for the BBC London Athlete of the Year title at the BBC London Sports Awards. Cast your vote here!

03/10/2005 - Video for Don't Give It Up added to Lemar's site.
01/10/2005 - Updates to
30/09/2005 - Added Derane Obika's page to to keep track on his progression in X Factor!
09/09/2005 - Added profiles for Michael Johnson and Carolina Klüft.
30/08/2005 - Updates to lots of athlete's profiles.
23/08/2005 - OFFICIAL LAUNCH: Site is unfinished, but online!

BV Designs topsites is now working again!  We haven't got a clue it stopped working in the first place, but please do keep voting for us - we really do appreciate it!

22/08/2005 - Work on continues. Site still to be published.
20/08/2005 - Staff Announcements: Cookie has now officially taken over as the sole Chairman of the weblink, due to Arachnid's increased workload and other commitments (not that Cookie hasn't got enough of those too!). 

Goodbyes: Emily & Phoebe are now off to university in Australia, and have left the weblink. Kasey has got a full-time job in a salon, and Cassie has been invited to attend a dance college, so they will also be leaving us. We thank them for their contributions and wish them the best of luck in their future academic and sporting careers. All four will be greatly missed. 

Welcomes: Finally, we officially welcome Benjii into the fold. He's been working on the weblink for a number of years now, as an advice co-ordinator with Ask Cookie, and will now take on additional responsibilities within the weblink.

20/08/2005 - Track Coach - Want some training, racing or diet advice? Click here to find out more.

Athletics Fantasy Fictions - Spend half your life dreaming of being the next big thing in track & field? Then we want to put your over-active imaginations into print!

13/07/2005 - The all-new HPWeb is almost ready to go online - can you feel the excitement? The old version had been around since 2001, and this one is a VAST improvement - so, HP fans, hang around; the launch date will be up soon. Cookie -x- 
7/06/2005 - Click here for the London 2012 official site