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Who are we?

The members of the webteam can be 'met' here! Basically, we're a group of website builders who've joined together to interlink our sites to improve our hits, and the information that we're able to give our users!

Why join us?

We're a lovely bunch really! We help each other out with building, with info and basically support each other. We're all novice builders which have helped each other to find our feet.

What's in it for me?

Joining is no-strings-attached. All you have to do is link the weblink - easy! In return, we give you free advertising on here! Sometimes members get more involved, linking each other's sites to be able to provide users with more detailed information. 

You'll receive update newsletters from the weblink, and any other sites on the weblink which you are interested in. This will include a section for updates on your site, which will be sent to our full mailing list, so that news about your site spreads.

How do I get more info?

Just e-mail us here, or ask us questions on our forums.

How do I join?

Just e-mail us here! Leave us a message telling us that you're interested on our  forums.  You can also join our TopSites list here.