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(the French Republic)

National Anthem - La Marseillaise by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle.

Lyrics - In English

Ye sons of France, awake to glory!

Hark! Hark! the people bid you rise!

Your children, wives, and grandsires hoary

Behold their tears and hear their cries!


Shall hateful tyrants, mischief breeding,

With hireling hosts a ruffian band

Affright and desolate the land

While peace and liberty lie bleeding?


To arms, to arms, ye brave!

Th'avenging sword unsheathe!

March on, march on, all hearts resolved

On liberty or death.

Oh liberty can man resign thee,

Once having felt thy gen'rous flame?

Can dungeons, bolts, and bar confine thee?

Or whips thy noble spirit tame?


Too long the world has wept bewailing

That falsehood's dagger tyrants wield;

But freedom is our sword and shield

And all their arts are unavailing.