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I made these for AINC. The quality has gone a bit dodgy on some of them - sorry. Take whichever ones you want.

Please credit the ones further down to me, because I've grown rather attached to them - lol!

Most of these will work better on your brighter backgrounds than on this white one. 

Cookie -x-

To AINC people visiting this page: Hiya, first of all. Secondly, if you would like me to make advertisements for your site, pleas e-mail me here. All I ask for in return is a link back to one of my websites. Also, please visit the other sites in the Arachnid Weblink, and also Cookie's websites.

New additions:

Please credit to the arachnid weblink.

I may turn these into blinkies if I get time in the near future, so keep checking back!

Please credit to the arachnid weblink.

Warning: If you don't give me credit I will take them down from here, and not make any more for AINC.

Old ones:

Take these at will:


If you use these, please link to the arachnid weblink, and credit them to me (these are the decent ones! They appear to have come out better too.):



These can be taken without crediting: